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View the PDF document Title: 1965 Vietnam Missionary Conference Group Photo - Picture
Dates: 1965
People: Harold: Dutton: Gordon: Cathey: Royce: Betty: Rexilius: Evelyn: Jack: Revelle: John: Ruth: Klinepeter: Grady: Mangham: Lydia: Jackson: Jeffrey: Mary: Chester: Travis: Barbara: Sutherland: Joyce: McNeel: Dawn: Deets: Tina: Schelandeer: Marge: Pendell: Helen: Douglas: Long: Normadine: Luckenbill: Nancy: Josephsen: Gini: Steinkamp: Forbes: Jackie: Ingram: Charlotte: Stemple: Wilting: Irene: Fleming: Pat: Herendeen: Dottie: Taylor: Violet: Kowles: Jeanne: Frazier: Millie: Davis: Cline: Houck: Ade: Jane: Brannon: Bernice: Swain: Elin: Duncan: Olsen: Mitchell: Bobbie: Reed: Livingston: Olive: Kingsbury: Hunt: Harriet: Irwin: Gloria: Kleinhen: Carolyn: Griswold: Evans: Doris: Donna: Stebbins: Burt: Garth: Gail: Spence: Tom: Dave: Ted: Jin: Charlie: Dick: George: Fred: Ross: Peg: Dixie: Oliver: Bob: Ken: Victor: Orrel: Woody: Dale: Franklin: Roy: Kowles: Agnes: Fowler: Leon: Epperson
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