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View the PDF document Title: 08-8-01 Melissa Nyack martyr info - Report
Dates: 1953: 1951
People: David: Fitzstevens: Lillian: Phillip: Patty: McGarvey: Joe: Ted: Richard: Melissa: Carol: Gene: Olsen: Bety: Elizabeth: Kennedy: Marilyn: Walter: Swain: Ivory: Eric: Rebecca: Mark: Lewis
Places: Vietnam
Group: C&MA
Pages: 2 Filesize:

View the PDF document Title: 1966 June Leprosarium Report - Report
Dates: 1966: 1981: 1965
People: Klec: McNeel: Ky: Barry: Reed: Bety: Mitchell: Ade: Mildred: Dawn: Deets: Olsen: Olive: Kingsbury: Ruth: Wilting: Fleming: Joan: Waller: Eunice: Boschult: Cung: Franklin: Irwin: Ham: Hrah: Vietti: Archie: Dan: Gerber: Poh
Places: Phu Bon: Plei Ku: Darlac: Quang Duc: Dak R'Tih: Kien Duc: Banmethuot: Ea Tour: Plei Tomak: Plei Dolol
Group: Conference
Pages: 7 Filesize: