This digital library contains hundreds of historical documents pertaining to the Body of Christ in Indochina over the past 100 years.

This library allows you to search for documents in several ways. You can search by names of individuals, names of specific places, the year an event occurred, by names of groups of people and the type of document. If you want to dig even deeper you can use the search feature which allows you to find specific words from each document.

As you study and read through these files you will understand how we, as believers, stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Without their effort and sacrifice we could not accomplish the task we have in front of us. But, more important, you will be able to see a glimpse of God's Glory and how He works through people and time to make His Name known among the nations.

We trust this library will be a blessing to you and many others.

How to find information in this library

* Press the Search button to find documents with specific keywords
* Browse for documents by people's names by pressing the People button
* Browse for documents by year by pressing the Date button
* Browse for documents about a physical location by pressing the Places button
* Browse for documents about groups of people by pressing the Groups button
* Browse for a particular type of document by pressing the Types button

When a button is pressed, a second screen displays allowing you to navigate deeper into the library. In this screen you can browse different classifiers by choosing the appropriate button from the top menu.

Once you choose the file you want, it will automatically download to your computer and open up using the appropriate file reader installed on your computer. Most files in this library are PDF files.